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12x24  SN   95     $695  Framed    or     $545  Unframed
12x24  AP   15    $1195  Framed    or    $1045  Unframed
18x36  SN   95    $1195  Framed    or     $965  Unframed 
18x36  AP   15    $1795  Framed    or    $1565  Unframed  
24x48  SN   50    $1795  Framed    or    $1345  Unframed
24x48  AP    5    $2795  Framed    or    $2345  Unframed •SOLD OUT•

PRINTABLE PDF – Sunset on the Marsh

From the Artist:

The Lowlands of the coastal regions of the south are teeming with birds and other critters – always moving to and fro with the movement of the baitfish that come and go with the tides. The egrets are my favorite, and I’m enthralled with the delicate design of these magnificent birds. Seemingly flimsy and light these awesome birds are a testimony to the wonder of God’s great works in their grace and beauty, but, also, their tenacity, patience, and stealth. I once saw one of these egrets dangling a piece of bread it found on the shore in the water to lure small fish up to eat the bread. After only three attempts, it had speared a sushi delicacy. I wanted to depict this particular bird in the most graceful of positions. So, I photographed high-speed pictures trying to catch the perfect glide, and then put it in a setting that would move you internally to a place of stillness and rest. Sunset on the Marsh.

~ Mark Keathley