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About Us

Infinity Fine Art is an LLC Company registered in the State of Tennessee.  The Company was originally organized in the State of South Carolina in September, 2003  with James Odom, David Smith, and Richard Sewell as member partners.  In 2006 James Odom and David Smith acquired the interest of Managing Partner, Richard Sewell.  The Company offices were moved from Ft. Mills, SC to Gatlinburg, TN at the end of the year of 2007.

Infinity Fine Art, LLC is a Publishing Company specializing in producing fine art Giclee reproductions of original artwork.  The artwork we reproduce is from original works by well known artists who are well respected in their field.  Each fine art limited edition reproduction is guaranteed in both it’s quality and authenticity.  Each limited edition reproduction is numbered and has a Certificate of Limited Authenticity attached to it before it is shipped.

Dave & LeeAnn Smith
While successfully owning and operating several ChemDry franchises in California, Dave and his wife, Leeann, were introduced to the art business in 1994.  Dave and LeeAnn opened an art gallery in Morro Bay, California.  Since then, the Smiths have opened several other locations in other cities in California.  The Smiths later partnered with the Odoms in opening fine art galleries in Tennessee.

Jim & Linda Odom
Close friends of the Smiths, Jim and Linda were enjoying the success of Jim’s real estate and construction ventures as well as Linda’s nursing career, when Dave called upon them to help in the art business he was beginning. In June of 1997, the Odoms responded by opening a gallery in their hometown of Cleveland, Tennessee. Since that time, they have opened other galleries including three in the popular tourist city of Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

Managing fine art galleries has given the Odoms & Smiths a unique perspective of the art business.  “There are a lot of challenges in managing an art gallery,” stated Odom when asked about the business.  “Most of our customers and friends do not really understand the hard work and effort that an art gallery requires.  It’s not easy keeping the right mix of art that your customers are going to want.  The most difficult area is trying to determine what image is going to sell and keeping it in stock.”

Armed with some valuable experience, the Odoms and Smiths organized Infinity Fine Art, LLC with the art dealer in mind.  Finding the right artist to create art that the art buying public will enjoy owning is the challenge.  With the artists that Infinity Fine Art has signed, selling the art is the easy part.

Ownership of Infinity Fine Art, LLC:

Dave Smith and Jim Odom