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Since I became a father I’ve found more interest in paintings about parenthood in the animal kingdom. When you see a momma bear’s love for her cubs it is so heartwarming, and reminds me of our human mother’s unwavering love and care. I’ve been so proud to see my wife take on the challenge of having a baby, and excel at being a wonderful mother. Even when she’s tired, she is always keeping an eye out for our child’s keen interest in getting into something that would hurt him, and she always jumps up to the rescue. This momma bear has caught her kids trying to run up a tree when they’re supposed to be having their dinner! You can almost hear her saying “get down from there now” as she tries to get the rascals to obey. I hope y’all enjoy this painting!

18×24 SN (95): $895 Framed or $695 Canvas
18×24 AP (15): $1395 Framed or $1195 Canvas