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Artist Notes:

Late in the Spring night of April 18th, 1775, Paul Revere road off to warn fellow patriot and my great great great great great grandfather – John Hancock – of the coming British troops who had been commanded to remove the store of arms the militia had stockpiled at Concord MS just 20 miles inland from Boston. Depicted here, Paul Revere has just crossed the bay to the north west of the city and is riding off ahead of the soldiers crossing in boats behind him under the watchful eye of the British warship enforcing a curfew on the colonists. When tyranny raises its ugly head, it will take away your freedom of speech, your ability to research or publish facts, control your movement, force things on you that you do not want, and most importantly take away your means of defending or fighting back. Be warned and SOUND THE ALARM!!! 

~ Mark Keathley

PRINTABLE PDF – Sound the Alarm

18x24     SN    95     $895 Framed   or     $695 Unframed
18x24 AP 15    $1395 Framed or $1195 Unframed
25.5x34 SN 50  $1395 Framed or $1075 Unframed
25.5x34 AP 5    $1995 Framed or $1675 Unframed
30x40 SN 25  $1795 Framed or $1345 Unframed
30x40 AP  5    $2795 Framed or $2345 Unframed