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Artist Notes:

Every time I visit Gatlinburg, my all-time favorite spot to meander around it is a quaint little spot called “The Village”!   It is like stepping back in time and experiencing a moment in history when life was filled with personal encounters with shop owners and friends, cool evening air and favorite experiences.  The Village was dreamed into existence in 1965 at the beginning of America’s Road trip vacation experiences across our great land by a couple of local families.  It almost became a Holiday Inn, at one time, but instead, they hoped they could create an experience that would draw people in and off the busy Parkway to unique shops such as the Donut Friar and other fabulous enterprises and beautiful European style architecture.   This they did!   As you enter the brick entrance gate from the Parkway one steps back in time to brick paved courtyards, fountains, shade trees and building styles reminiscent of the old world.  Here, it seems to be OK to be a kid again and indulge our “vacation selves” with delightful sights and wonderful tastes.    

After painting this scene and posting it on Facebook, I heard from dozens of folks that said “I sat in that very spot in 1969 or in 1972 with my mom and dad and ate at the Donut Friar and had cotton candy and other memorable experiences.   I realized that I was bringing into focus fond memories long forgotten.    I hope this scene is one from your memory which brings about the feeling of yesteryear nostalgia, great family memories, and a sense of “I want to sit a while and take it all in” here on this beautiful “Village Evening.“

~ Mark Keathley

PRINTABLE PDF – Village Evening

12x24   SN   495     $695 Framed   or     $545 Unframed
12x24 AP 15    $1195 Framed or $1045 Unframed
18x36 SN 295  $1195 Framed or $965 Unframed
18x36 AP 15    $1895 Framed or $1665 Unframed
24x48 SN 195  $1795 Framed or $1345 Unframed
24x48 AP  15    $2795 Framed or $2345 Unframed
36x72 PE 5  $10500 Framed or $9700 Unframed