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Artist Notes:

Warriors on a hill – looking at what is before them – an enemy approaches. Being outnumbered doesn’t matter because they know they can do battle. Their motto has always been “it is a good day to die!” There is honor in the battle. They know there will be a great loss if they don’t battle the enemy. The enemy will overwhelm the weak and the innocent among them, so someone must go forward into the fray!

When you are faced with a seemingly overwhelming or life-threatening situation, there are many options before you. Of course, you can get distracted with something that keeps your mind off the looming problem – you can sleep your way through it, or numb out. You can turn around and run the other way, too. Some of us just get angry and start accusing those around us for seemingly bringing the problem into our lives.

However, there is a warrior inside us who is able to face the challenge. There is a part of us made to face what seems impossible. This inner self is called the “New Man” in scripture. It is that spiritual part of you which came to life when/if you believed in Jesus. It is the part of you God relates with, inhabits (if you will) and directs and empowers from within. Most of us aren’t familiar with this inner self – this united-with-Christ part of us which can be led by the Spirit. This Mystery self is dressed in righteousness and power, it carries the authority of God Himself, and can face and defeat any challenge because the God of the Universe is focused on you and the spiritual battles you face. It is His delight to step in and defeat the forces of darkness that come against you. He loves an overwhelming situation when the odds are impossible. He delights in being outnumbered because He knows that you and He – together – is always a majority!

The next time you come over a ridge and see the opposing force (not the person in front of you but the dark force behind them, the lie which is spoken through them, or a life-threatening situation) breathe deep the breath of God, the power of His presence in you and KNOW that He is with you and delights in bringing victory out of impossible situations. Recount what was once spoken over Bonnie and me – we are happy to share our “word” with you – We Can Take This!

~ Mark Keathley

20x24   SN   95     $895 Framed   or     $695 Unframed
20x24 AP 15    $1395 Framed or $1195 Unframed
24x30 SN 50  $1195 Framed or $965 Unframed
24x30 AP  10    $1895 Framed or $1665 Unframed
36x48 SN 25  $2795 Framed or $2345 Unframed
48x60 SN 10  $4495 Framed or $3500 Unframed