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18x27  SN  195     $895  Framed    or    $695  Unframed
18x27  AP   25    $1395  Framed    or   $1195  Unframed

PRINTABLE PDF – Second Chance

From the Artist:

I titled the painting A Second Chance. We all have shipwrecks in our lives. Even the apostle Paul spoke of his shipwreck and used it as an example in his epistles. Following the Light can be hard. Storms arise that test our focus and faith and can cause us to crash. In the left bottom corner of the painting, you can see your footprints leaving the wreckage. You’ve survived, and you have a second chance to brave the oceans roar like the vessel you see on the horizon. We all fail at something in life, but thankfully we have a loving and forgiving Father, shining His light through the clouds. His grace gives us the power to let go of the past wreck, walk away from it, and try again! You’ve been given A Second Chance!

~ Abraham Hunter