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From the Artist:

There is anticipation each time I head towards the ocean.  Especially when I see some glimpses of a radiant sky through the buildings or trees. I can’t wait to get there, “hurry up,” I’m thinking of calling to the ones that are slowing me down.  “This is going to be good!” is what is on my mind. Light, water, waves, design… it just doesn’t get any better than this!

I’ve thought these things a hundred times as I’ve headed out with my camera intent on getting some great seascape shots. You’d think (if you’re a man) I was going fishing, as excited as I am (or maybe going shopping, if you’re a woman.)

This morning, the design and drama captured my attention before even stepping out onto the beach itself.  The man-made element adding structure to the flowing grasses which were being moved by the gentle breeze, the light glimmering, and a bird speeding by – all brought together for your enjoyment…”Morning View.”

18x24   S/N   95    $895 Framed   or   $695 Unframed
18x24   A/P   15   $1395 Framed   or  $1195 Unframed
25.5x34 S/N   50   $1395 Framed   or  $1075 Unframed
30x40   S/N   50   $1795 Framed   or  $1345 Unframed
30x40   A/P    5   $2795 Framed   or  $2345 Unframed
36x48   S/N   10   $2795 Framed   or  $2245 Unframed