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From the artist:

In this painting, we are transported back to the early 1940’s to a backwater retreat where the problems of the world have disappeared. World War II is raging all around the world. Perhaps the family inside even has a son off at war. The 1930’s pickup truck and tractor are resting after a long day of working on the farm. The golden retriever (he’s actually my girlfriend’s dog, named Mufasa) is full of excitement as he watches pintails and mallards come to feed and rest on this chilly fall afternoon. It’s my attempt, at age 24, to capture the same spirit of joy in nature that our grandparents’ generation enjoyed. My grandpa had an old blue tackle box, and I added it by the door of the cabin. However,  the wagon wheel and pumpkins are my mom’s fall décor from back home last year. Inside is the aroma of freshly baked apple pie and a warm home-cooked meal. It’s quiet places like this that give our minds peace from modern life, make our souls feel more in tune with creation, bring families closer together, and bring our hearts closer to God. Welcome to the Good Ol’ Days.


18x24  S/N  95     $895 Framed  or   $695 Unframed
18x24  A/P  15    $1395 Framed  or  $1195 Unframed