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This view is from across the Tiber River looking toward St. Peter’s. I spent the evening photographing this scene during the twilight hours on our last night in Rome. The composition is based on one specific photo while dozens of additional photos were used to provide details for the architectural features. I especially enjoyed painting the reflections on the water, an exercise in abstract line and shape. The colors were muted to faded blues and Terra Cotta tones, which provide a more monochromatic color scheme representing the incredible history and beauty in Rome, and Italy in general. ~ Rod Chase


24x36   SN    $750 Unframed   or   $1070 Framed
30x45   SN   $1500 Unframed   or   $2050 Framed
30x45   AP   $1700 Unframed   or   $2250 Framed
40x30   SN   $1400 Unframed   or   $1850 Framed
40x30   AP   $1600 Unframed   or   $2050 Framed
10x15   OE     $90