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While in Venice, Chase spent many hours photographing the Grand Canal and also the smaller, inner canals. Many of his photos were taken at twilight or dusk, but on several mornings he and his wife rose arose early to enjoy a “different” Venice – few tourists and no gondolier or boat traffic. The city was totally still and quiet except for the sounds of water lapping against the timeworn bricks or the hulls of tethered boats. The mists of morning mad the canals all but vanish. As dramatic and awe-aspiring as Venice was in the evening, it was even more remarkable in the morning – a magical moment when the city seemed invisible except for the soft colors of the ancient buildings reflecting in the water. It was a world of delicate hues and magnificent lectures – so real up close, then silently disappearing like a dream in the silvery mists of morning.

30x20   SN    395      $450 Unframed   or    $680 Framed
30x20   AP     40      $550 Unframed   or    $780 Framed
36x24   SN    150      $750 Unframed   or   $1070 Framed
36x24   AP     15      $850 Unframed   or   $1170 Framed