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The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall contains the names of 58,218 men and 8 women who were killed and remain missing from that war. The names are etched on the black granite panels that compose the Wall, and the panels are arranged into two arms, extending from a central point to form a wide angle. The names are listed in the order in which the men and women died or were declared missing. The first death was recorded in 1959 and the last in 1975. More than 500 individual names are readable in the Chase painting.

14.5x34   SN   1950    $450 Unframed   or    $680 Framed •SOLD OUT•
16x37     SN    995    $450 Unframed   or    $680 Framed
18x42     AP    995   $1630 Unframed   or   $1950 Framed •SOLD OUT•
9x12      OE            $75