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Our first evening in Italy found us on the Ponte dell’Accademia overlooking the famous Grand Canal. Although this scene was familiar to me through art and photographs, nothing could compare to actually standing on the foot-bridge surrounded by the ancient beauty of Venice. My view is actually a composite of three different photos taken at different spots on the bridge forming a more pleasing panoramic composition. Gondolas were added to give the painting life and interest. As in my painting ‘The Glory of San Pietro’, I muted the colors and intensified the detail symbolizing the rich history and texture of this old-world city. My wife and I look forward to one day returning to Italy and reliving our first ‘Evening in Venice’. — Rod Chase

18x36  SN  500   $650 Unframed  or  $880 Framed
10x20  OE        $110 Unframed  or  $260 Framed