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Step out onto the wet sand. Breathe deep and slow of the cool coastal breezes. Close your eyes for a moment of silence. Picture your Redeemer coming toward you with a smile on his face and a paintbrush in his hand. He simply waves it around and washes the morning sky with vibrant color and whispers to you, “It’s going to be a glorious day. I AM with you!” These are the thoughts to start your day each morning as you take in the wonder of your Creator, the kindness of His heart, and the Passion of His life – to BE with you and manifest His glory to the whole world. His Mercies are New! – Mark Keathley

18x27  SN  95    $895 Framed   or     $695 Unframed
18x27  AP  15   $1395 Framed   or    $1195 Unframed
24x36  SN  95   $1395 Framed   or    $1075 Unframed
24x36  AP  15   $1995 Framed   or    $1675 Unframed
30x45  PE   5   $5995 Framed   or    $5445 Unframed

PRINTABLE PDF – His Mercies Are New