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Our country is facing waves of adversity both from within and from abroad. Though each generation feels like it is the only one who has faced such hardship, we are merely the latest in a long line who have endured such strife. Like the ark being battered by the storm, we must batten our hatches and brave the tempest in the hopes of coming through safely. Hopefully, we will soon see our beacon of hope returning with an olive leaf to signal the lessening of the storm.

12x16   S/N   (95)   $550 Framed   or   $400 Unframed •SUSPENDED•
12x16   A/P   (15)   $895 Framed   or   $745 Unframed •SUSPENDED•
12x16   C/E   (25)   $895 Framed   or   $745 Unframed •SUSPENDED•