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On this particular evening at the coast, I felt a sense of being small – like the world was much bigger than I could take in or handle. The setting sun had passed below the horizon and was stirring its warm light into the vast blue sky causing a greenish glow. My heart was very awake to the wonder of life on this planet. Wouldn’t it be nice to push this boat out into the water and explore the world? Maybe you could catch a net full of fish or cruise around the rocky point to see what is farther down the shore. There is so much wonder, adventure, and even danger here at the sea. It makes me feel alive. Evidence of man’s fascination with the ocean is seen with the magnificent Victorian-era sea-side homes, and even this simple fisherman’s boat beckons us out into the vast waters. It would be easy to go so far out that our only hope of finding our way back is to come to the light. Don’t be afraid – be adventurous, and explore new waters in your life. It’s going to be OK.

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