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Waiting by Abraham Hunter


Exclusive Edition Event Piece available for all dealers on December 10th.

It can be difficult to incorporate people into artwork, but it is a challenge I have been interested in attempting. I had this idea come to me the other day. I wanted to express loneliness and trying to discover yourself and a sense of how small we are when you look over a vast ocean or survey the night sky. As I was almost ready to complete the painting, I backed off of the somber tone I was feeling when I heard the song “The Waiting” by Tom Petty. It inspired me to add the sailboat on the horizon so that it now looks like she is waiting for her ship to come in. I think we all can relate at some point in our lives with this mood and these emotions.

12×16 A/P (25) $895 Framed or $745 Unframed * SOLD OUT *