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Camera Setup: "BetterLight 6150 | IR 2mm + 3mm | NorthLight 900W", Artwork Image: "06287.tif", Artwork Colors: "06287_ref.txt", White Image: "06287_wc.tif", White Colors: "WC_ref.txt", Yoked Image: "06287_yoked.tif"

This painting is full of different types of hummingbirds. It has a Ruby-throat, Anna’s, Calliope, as well as a Black-Chinned Hummingbird, and then I added one Lovely Lady Hummingbird! I went to Kroger and bought a bunch of different flowers to combine to use as reference material. I really tried to capture the buzzing, high energy of these dazzling birds and the life and color of summer!

–Abraham Hunter

12x16  SN (195):   $550 Framed  or   $400 Unframed
12x16  AP  (25):   $895 Framed  or   $745 Unframed
16x20  SN  (95):   $695 Framed  or   $545 Unframed
16x20  AP  (15):  $1195 Framed  or  $1045 Unframed

PRINTABLE PDF – Joys of Summer