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Camera Setup: "BetterLight 6150 | IR 2mm + 3mm | NorthLight 900W", Artwork Image: "05700.tif", Artwork Colors: "5700_ref.txt", White Image: "05700_wc.tif", White Colors: "white_card_ref.txt", Yoked Image: "05700_yoked.tif"

The winter months usually give me a severe case of cabin fever. Right down the road from me is a small lake with a hiking trail around it. I usually brave the cold and take a quick walk to get some fresh air. This year, I made a new friend on these walks, and I’ve painted him for you. This cute squirrel greets me each time I arrive in the parking lot. Then, he’ll scamper around looking for food. Each time I would see him I’d say, “Hey, Buddy,” and the name seemed to fit. Buddy helped me learn to not complain about the weather so much and also to be thankful for each day. It seems that God finds lots of little ways to remind us of his love no matter how cold the rest of the world can be. I hope this painting of Buddy brightens your day, brings joy to your heart, and puts a smile on your face.

~ Abraham Hunter


Exclusive Release
12x16 A/P (25):  $895 Framed   or   $745 Canvas

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