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The “Dance of Grace” is not intended to be an illustration of a moment in the life of Jesus 2000 years ago but rather a present depiction of the delight and celebration which He invites everyone to join in the present. I’ve chosen to portray Him dancing with children for they come to Him as they are with no pretenses, no performance, and no sense of duty. Looking in their eyes and knowing every decision they will ever make, whether good or bad, He laughs with delight because they are His. While onlookers watch, their hearts are stirred up to either desire to join the dance or to turn away, but the sheer joy and love that is seen captivate even the skeptic.

Too often we imagine we must get ourselves in order before we can experience His delight, but His call is simple, “Come to me and I will give….” Such is the meaning of grace – when what we need is given freely. Not realizing our need keeps us from what Jesus said He came to do: “bind up the brokenhearted, proclaim freedom for the captives and to set the prisoners free.” Do you recognize the chains? Do you feel the bondage from the lies? Do you want to be free? Let Him do as only He can – and join in the celebration of His love and the Dance of Grace. 

~ Mark Keathley

18x24    S/N  (295):   $895 Framed   or   $695 Canvas
18x24    A/P   (25):  $1395 Framed   or  $1195 Canvas
18x24    P/P   (75):  $1195 Framed   or   $995 Canvas
25.5x34  A/P   (50):  $1995 Framed   or  $1675 Canvas
30x40    A/P   (50):  $2795 Framed   or  $2345 Canvas


Above prices represent Publisher suggested issue release price.  Each Gallery is independently owned and operated and prices may vary.
Also, Limited edition art may sell for higher prices on the secondary market after they are sold out.      

Note: A/P edition is embellished by the artist.  P/P edition is limited to one per dealer and one half the wholesale price is donated to the publisher’s charity.