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There is just something wonderful about the way the warm light shines out of cold and dark places. The contrast of the two is a stark reminder that the light in the world overpowers the darkness. Yes, I know there are forces at work (disguised as light) which are actually trying to make the world a kingdom of darkness, and it sometimes appears they are winning; but in the world which one can see with eyes of faith, the light shines through. I’m calling this painting “His Light Shines” because it is an allegorical depiction of the Creator’s ability to bring victory out of what looks like defeat, light out of darkness, and joy out of sorrow. Don’t give up!
-Mark Keathley

20x24 S/N  (95):   $895 Framed   or    $695 Canvas
20x24 A/P  (15):  $1395 Framed   or   $1195 Canvas
20x24 P/P  (50):  $1195 Framed   or    $995 Canvas
24x30 A/P  (15):  $1895 Framed   or   $1665 Canvas

Note: A/P edition is embellished by the artist. P/P edition is limited to one per dealer and one half the wholesale price is donated to the publisher’s charity.