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There are moments in your life that stir the streams of your soul in deep ways. You never forget them. They get etched in your mind — places one can return to where peace is found. Autumn Serenity captures a moment  where the excitement of an unexpected encounter and the awesomeness of creation speaks to your heart in a special way.

— Mark Keathley

30x24 S/N  (50):  $1195 Framed    or    $965 Canvas
30x24 A/P   (5):  $1895 Framed    or   $1665 Canvas
40x32 A/P   (5):  $2795 Framed    or   $2345 Canvas
48x36 A/P   (5):  $3695 Framed    or   $3145 Canvas
60x48 A/P   (3):  $6995 Framed    or   $6000 Canvas

Note: A/P edition is embellished by the artist. This a very limited edition of only a total of 68 canvas prints in all sizes and editions combined.