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Never Forsaken
by Abraham Hunter

Abraham Hunter's Never Forsaken

I went to visit my grandmother for her birthday for lunch and I wanted to give her something special from my heart. Early that morning, I took out an 18x24 canvas that I had hand stretched and just let my heart guide my hand until I finished a few hours later. It turned into a painting with a very special message.

My grandma has been through countless storms in her life. The loss of both of her parents to cancer at a young age and the loss of her brother in the Vietnam War. Not to mention the pain and hurt from often serious health problems and years of tensions in the family. She and her strength have been a great inspiration in my life. This painting was a gift from me to comfort her through long nights and lonely times that strong and caring people endure more than they'll ever admit. She and I want to share this painting and its message with all of you.

You will notice that your point of view is that of Peter. It makes this story come to life since you are the one walking to Jesus and not a third person's view. Jesus' hands are outstretched, gesturing for you to come to him. You can almost hear the Prince of Peace coaching you to keep coming. There are many waves and clouds to distract and frighten you, but he is the center focus of the painting. Your eyes are always drawn to him to help sustain your faith.

This painting has touched so many people who have seen it already, that I know in my heart that it's more than paint brushed on to a canvas. It brings several phrases to mind, "when you pass through the waters, I will be with you" ~ "I will never leave you nor forsake you" ~ "and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of time." No matter how hard life gets, no matter what storms come your way, and no matter how lonely you feel, I hope you can always look at this painting and remember that you are Never Forsaken.

~ Abraham Hunter


Never Forsaken by Abraham Hunter

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