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Price List:  

Click the link below to open a downloadable Excel Spreadsheet with MSRP of UNFRAMED canvas.  Infinity Fine Art does not sell frames or framed art but we have included frame prices as a point of reference.  Also, please note:  Prices are suggested retail, each gallery is independently owned and prices at various locations may vary.   For a downloadable spreadsheet of the pricelist, Click the appropriate Link to the right of the arrows below: 

  Price List By Title A-Z
  Price List By Date Of Release
  Price List By Size

If you do not currently have Microsoft Excel installed on your computer, you can click the icon here to download a free "read only" version from Microsoft. 

Sold Out *  means that a P/P edition can only be sold one time to a dealer.  Once the dealer sells his initial P/P, that dealer cannot buy another one from the Publisher.  When the edition is completely sold out, the "*" will be taken off.  The P/P edition has been discontinued and all images will be closed and the number in the edition will be changed to reflect the lower number at the time it was discontinued.