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Evening Mist
by Abraham Hunter

Abraham Hunter's Morning Mist

My favorite part of fall time is just sitting by the campfire, enjoying the animals, listening to the sounds of night falling, and watching the stars come out. After a long day of fun and adventure in the outdoors, its so refreshing to pause and soak in the end to a perfect day. For me, its a special time to just sit and thank God for His many blessings, and reflect on the amazing gifts He has given us through His creation. I tried to capture those emotions in this painting, and share it with you and it has become my new favorite. So come huddle by the campfire, have a cup of hot cocoa, count the stars, enjoy this quiet time, and give thanks in your heart for this beautiful evening.

~ Abraham Hunter

Evening Mist by Abraham Hunter

Size/Edition Retail price Framed Retail price of Frame Retail price of Canvas Edition Size
18x24 S/N $750.00 $200.00 $550.00 95
18x24 A/P $1,195.00 $200.00 $995.00 15
18x24 P/P $895.00 $200.00 $695.00 50

Above prices represent Publisher suggested issue release price.  Each Gallery is independently owned and operated and
prices may vary.  Also, Limited edition art may sell for higher prices on the secondary market after they are sold out      

Note: A/P edition is embellished by the artist.  P/P edition is limited to one per dealer and one half the wholesale price is donated to the publisher's charity.
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