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City Lights by Abraham Hunter


Sometimes when I view my art, I feel as though I am reading my own journal.  I invest a part of my life into each and every painting in a sincere effort to express myself, reach out, and connect with you, the viewer.  Many of my paintings then hold a greater personal significance to me.  This painting was my first attempt at creating a cityscape.  It took me back to the first time I was dazzled by "City Lights", and I wanted give the viewer that mesmerized and almost overwhelmed feeling that I had at that time.  I also feel that painting this new subject helped me grow and expand.  What makes City Lights even more personal to me, is that it is a tribute to our family dog that passed away this Christmas season.  I wanted to put him in the painting just strolling down the street and wagging his tail, eager to greet anyone that passes his way.  He was my faithful friend for over 14 years and now he will always live in my memory and in my painting.  I am so overjoyed by how many people love and connect with my art because my purpose as an artist is to bring joy and light into your homes.  In this painting, I was also able to share a part of my life and memories. Thank you all for the opportunity!

~ Abraham Hunter


 City Lights by Abraham Hunter

Size/Edition Retail price Framed Retail price of Frame Retail price of Canvas Edition Size
18x24 S/N $750.00 $200.00 $550.00 95
18x24 A/P $1,195.00 $200.00 $995.00 15

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