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The Old Bait Shop
by Abraham Hunter

Abraham Hunter's The Bait Shop

I'm always drawn to nostalgic scenes portraying the happiness and fun of the outdoors. It always makes me think of my grandpa and how he'd take me fishing. I remember even when I was young, still being able to see the old "mom and pop" shops in our hometown and other places we would go. They are sights I often look for now, but rarely get to see since so many of them have been torn down to make way for our modern world. Now wonderful old structures like this are mostly just forgotten except in our fond memories of them. I painted this piece in an effort to recapture the warm feelings and precious memories I have, and that others hold dear to their hearts. This lake is reminiscent of a lake I grew up near, even though there was no bait shop and house. There was the remains of where a dock had been, and I remember spending countless hours fishing and desperately waiting to see some waterfowl fly by. In this painting, the wonderful day has come to an end as the sun sun sinks low on the horizon and the mallard pair passes overhead, flying to their nesting spot farther down the lake. The boy and his best friend are enjoying some last minute fishing before his mom calls him home for dinner. The family owned bait shop has one last customer who looks like he is going to visit with the shopkeeper right up till closing time, then take his supplies and come back another day. Its a classic view of traditional outdoor America, where friends, family. and faith are still the most important things in life. So come on in, look around, visit, and enjoy a perfect end to a perfect day.

The Old Bait Shop.

~ Abraham Hunter

The Old Bait Shop by Abraham Hunter

Size/Edition Retail price Framed Retail price of Frame Retail price of Canvas Edition Size
18x27 S/N $750.00 $200.00 $550.00 95
18x27 A/P $1,195.00 $200.00 $995.00 15
18x27 P/P $895.00 $200.00 $695.00 50
24x36 A/P $1,695.00 $320.00 $1,375.00 25

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