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Rod Chase Vintage

Peace of Venice by Rod Chase – Vintage

Venice is one of Europe’s most romantic cities with its magnificent landscape of Renaissance architecture.  ChaseView full post »

A Grateful Nation by Rod Chase – Vintage

This painting stands as a memorial to President Abraham Lincoln who said in his Second Annual Address to Congress onView full post »

The Grand Lady by Rod Chase – Vintage

Rod has visited Lady Liberty many times with his family both before 9/11 and after. “Climbing to her crown wasView full post »

Glory of San Pietro by Rod Chase – Vintage

This view is from across the Tiber River looking toward St. Peter’s. I spent the evening photographing thisView full post »

Charm of Italy by Rod Chase – Vintage

In Italian, a trail is called a Sentiero. The one that connects the five villages of the Cinque Terre is the famousView full post »

Winter’s Eve by Rod Chase – Vintage

“Collectors often ask if my “Foundations of Freedom” series is politically motivated, to which IView full post »

We the People by Rod Chase – Vintage

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in theView full post »

Via Dell’Amore by Rod Chase – Vintage

In Italian, a trail is called a Sentiero. The one that connects the five villages of the Cinque Terre is the famousView full post »

Twilight in Central Park by Rod Chase – Vintage

One of Chase’s most popular paintings, Twilight in Central Park, features the Gapstow Bridge with the PlazaView full post »

Trattoria Sempione by Rod Chase – Vintage

Located in the heart of Venice in the Mercerie between Rialto and San Marco, the “Sempione” is a romanticView full post »

Plaza San Marco by Rod Chase – Vintage

The Piazza San Marco (in English, St. Mark’s Square) is the principal, public square of the city. It isView full post »

Pillars of Freedom by Rod Chase – Vintage

Pillars of Freedom pays tribute to one of our nation’s Founding Fathers, Thomas Jefferson. This paintingView full post »

Paris Memories by Rod Chase – Vintage

Nothing is more iconic in Paris, the City of Lights than the Eiffel Tower. The ornate, soaring structure pierces theView full post »

Old Glory by Rod Chase – Vintage

“Acorn Street, which is pictured in Old Glory, is a narrow lane within Beacon Hill that is paved withView full post »

Notre Dame de Paris by Rod Chase – Vintage

The Notre Dame Cathedral Paris or Notre Dame de Paris (Meaning ‘Our Lady of Paris’ in French) is one ofView full post »

Morning on the Grand Canal by Rod Chase – Vintage

An early morning view from the Ponte del’Accademia overlooking the famous Grand Canal in the beautiful andView full post »

Mists of Morning by Rod Chase – Vintage

While in Venice, Chase spent many hours photographing the Grand Canal and also the smaller, inner canals. Many of hisView full post »

Magnificent Destiny by Rod Chase – Vintage

The Jefferson Memorial is seen across the tidal basin with Washington’s famous cherry blossoms framingView full post »

Line of Duty by Rod Chase – Vintage

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall contains the names of 58,218 men and 8 women who were killed and remain missingView full post »

Liberty’s Light by Rod Chase – Vintage

As a photorealist painter, I am dependent on finding accurate reference materials for each painting. It is not alwaysView full post »

Land of the Free by Rod Chase – Vintage

The Lincoln Memorial is one of the most beautiful and dramatic monuments in the city, but it is difficult toView full post »

Land of Liberty by Rod Chase — Vintage

The United States Capitol is probably Rod Chase’s most popular subject. In “Land of Liberty”, we seeView full post »

Justice for All

In preparing to paint this piece, the artist traveled to Washington, D. C., and visited the Supreme Court both in theView full post »

Jefferson’s Monticello by Rod Chase – Vintage

Standing in Monticello’s Entrance Hall transported me into Stephen Ambrose’s book, Undaunted Courage. Artifacts fromView full post »

Honored Glory by Rod Chase – Vintage

The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is one of Arlington Cemetery’s most popular sites.  The MemorialView full post »

Holiday in the Park by Rod Chase – Vintage

This image is a special, seasonal piece created by Rod Chase as a fundraiser for The American Cancer Society ofView full post »

Hills of Chianti by Rod Chase – Vintage

With the beautiful detail and color that are hallmarks of a Chase image, the artist has painted a lovely villa in aView full post »

Gloria Di Maria

On a narrow sliver of land between the Grand Canal and the Bacino di San Marco in Venice, Italy you will find anView full post »

Florence – Jewel of the Renaissance by Rod Chase – Vintage

Chase has a fondness for Italy and loves to paint the history and architecture that make the landscape and its peopleView full post »

Evening on the Hill by Rod Chase – Vintage

Inspired by the distinct lighting on the Capitol and the pure serenity of the snowy pathway, artist Rod Chase focusedView full post »

Evening in Venice by Rod Chase – Vintage

Our first evening in Italy found us on the Ponte dell’Accademia overlooking the famous Grand Canal. AlthoughView full post »

Dawn’s Early Light by Rod Chase – Vintage

Dawn’s Early Light is a striking example of Rod Chase’s ability to make a simple monument so veryView full post »

City Lights by Rod Chase – Vintage

The inspiration for “City Lights” began some time ago during a visit to New York in January. While inView full post »

Blackmore Vale by Rod Chase – Vintage

Set in one of England’s many beautiful regions, Blackmore Vale contains some of the most scenic landscapes inView full post »

Beacon of Hope by Rod Chase – Vintage

In these tumultuous times, it is healthy to focus on America as a country of individuals who may have differentView full post »

America’s Home by Rod Chase – Vintage

Artist Rod Chase pored over hundreds of old photographs at the National Archives in order to locate the backgroundView full post »

America! America! by Rod Chase – Vintage

Photo-realist Rod Chase is particularly taken with any scene that features strong reflections. He has traveledView full post »

Amalfi Lights by Rod Chase – Vintage

Chase has painted several beautiful images of Italy. The artist has rendered in amazing detail the magnificentView full post »