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Printing Process

Explain the Printing Process.  Who creates the prints?

Infinity Fine Art is proud to use Squirt Printing for the printing of our fine art Giclées.   Squirt Printing’s production process is designed to yield the highest quality fine art reproductions possible. Our goal is to deliver the look, feel and impact of the original art with each print produced.

Acclaimed Capture System
Color Matching

Acclaimed Capture System

Squirt Printing uses a BetterLight Super 6K scanning back camera system. Highest quality Schneider lenses are employed. A pair of BetterLight copy lights handle lighting. At the core of our capture system is HP Artist© software.

HP Artist© is a specialized software tool that Squirt Printing has worked closely with the HP Lab team to perfect. The talent and knowledge of Squirt Printing coupled with HP Artist© consistently produces the best captures our customers have ever seen.

The HP Artist© software lets us concentrate on making the art look good, not just making the capture system work. Cutting edge algorithms deal with lighting fall-off so we light the art in ways that bring out the art not just keep the lighting even. Cross polarization keeps specular highlights from becoming an issue. When you look at one of our captures you will see the clarity and detail in each file. You’ll never consider another capture system again.

Color Matching

The Squirt Printing color matching team has an average of 17 years experience in the field. Matching color involves a high level of knowledge and skill. It starts with the capture process.

Care is taken to capture all aspects of the artwork as described in detail in the Capture Process. Once achieved, Photoshop is used to complete the proof. More often than not, Squirt Printing is able to provide a successful proof within a reasonable turnaround time.

We want you to leave your first color matching experience with the Squirt Printing team satisfied.


Thousands of engineering hours have gone into the Squirt Printing fine art printing system. Our goal was to create an accurate, repeatable system that was tailored to the colors an artist needed. We feel that our goals were exceeded!

We use only the highest quality pigment inks and substrates from trusted names like HP and Hahnemuhle. Quality giclées start with a quality capture and they finish with quality printing. At the core of our system are several highly tuned HP 5500 designjet printers. Each of our 5500’s has the capability to print 60 inches wide. This satisfies even the largest printing needs.

Squirt Printing has recently begun working with the latest line of designjet printers – the z-2100 and z-3100. We have been very impressed with the color range and repeatability of these new printers. Our customers have been pleased also.

Extensive testing has been completed with HP’s media/ink team and Wilhelm Research to ensure our prints will not fade. The ink and media combinations we use all test to greater than 200 years color fastness by Wilhelm Research.

We take it very seriously that our giclées are being sold as fine art. There is nothing “fine” about cracking, peeling or fading. That is why we have completed the testing for you.


All of our canvas products are finished with the highest quality fluid laminate, ClearStar. ClearStar type “C” gloss comes standard on all canvas prints whether they are stretched or sheeted. We have completed extensive testing with HP’s media team, ClearStar and Wilhelm Research to guaranty fading, peeling and cracking do not occur. The Squirt Printing team feels it is critical you have confidence in your products and sell them with pride.


We take pride in our stretching so you can take pride in your giclées.  Quality stretcher bar is cut and joined in our Pigeon Forge Warehouse.  No part of our process is outsourced to Mexico or China.  When you purchase from Infinity Fine Art, you are buying a quality product that was proudly made in America!   We use all kiln dried hardwoods for our stretched bar construction. Using a quality stretcher bar helps make your product last longer and keep a quality appearance.

Our standard stretcher bar is 3/4″ thick by 2″ wide.  We take utmost care in ensuring spot on registration when canvas is stretched. The edges of our bars have a rounded finish to ensure no cracking occurs when the canvas is stretched.


All of our fine art canvas editions are hand embellished by an artist’s apprentice with years of experience in fine art.  We start by adding gel coat to mimic the brush strokes and texture of the original.  Next, colored paints are used to highlight certain select areas of the image.  Finally another top coat of the highest quality fluid laminate is applied to provide a UV protectant that insures further against any fading.  Our high quality fluid laminate is extremely resistant to chipping, scratching, cracking, peeling or fading.  Artist’s Proofs are embellished by the artist at his studio.


Your fine art giclées are professionally packaged and shipped to you with an unconditional satisfaction guarantee.  See our Policies section for complete details.