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Price List

Price List:  

Click the link below to open a downloadable Excel Spreadsheet with MSRP of UNFRAMED canvas.  Infinity Fine Art does not sell frames or framed art but we have included frame prices as a point of reference.  Also, please note:  Prices are suggested retail, each gallery is independently owned and prices at various locations may vary.   For a downloadable spreadsheet of the pricelist, Click the appropriate link below: 

Price List by Title A-Z
Price List by Date of Release
Price List by Size
Rod Chase Vintage Price by Size

If you do not currently have Microsoft Excel installed on your computer, you can click the icon here to download a free “read only” version from Microsoft. 

Sold Out *  means that a P/P edition can only be sold one time to a dealer.  Once the dealer sells his initial P/P, that dealer cannot buy another one from the Publisher.  When the edition is completely sold out, the “*” will be taken off.  The P/P edition has been discontinued and all images will be closed and the number in the edition will be changed to reflect the lower number at the time it was discontinued.


Dealer Slideshow:  

We want you to be able to sell as many paintings as possible, but we know that wall space is limited in every gallery. So… we have put together files to allow you to have a slideshow constantly showing your clientele all of the Mark Keathley, Abraham Hunter, and Rod Chase pieces available through Infinity Fine Art. Using the files is easy. You can download them all or just your favorites. Put them in a folder on your computer and set them as a revolving slideshow. If you have smart tv, you can put them on a USB and set them to run constantly—if you have it in an outside window, it could be advertising your art even when you aren’t open! As we have new releases, we will add them to the collection, and you can easily keep your digital gallery up to date. 

To Download, CLICK HERE.