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I’d Rather be Fishing by Mark Keathley

20×24 S/N  (95):   $895 Framed   or    $695 Canvas 20×24 A/P  (15):  $1395 Framed   or   $1195 CanvasView full post »

Winter Rest by Mark Keathley

18×27   S/N   195     $895 Framed or $695 Unframed18×27   A/P    25    $1395 Framed or $1195 Unframed24×36   S/N  View full post »

A Cold Winter’s Night by Mark Keathley

18×27   S/N    95     $895 Framed or $695 Unframed18×27   A/P    25    $1395 Framed or $1195 Unframed24×36   S/N  View full post »

When the Light Breaks Through by Mark Keathley

“That moment when the light breaks through” because my prayer daily is that the light of Truth will break throughView full post »

More are With Us by Mark Keathley

At times like these, we must take up our position in the battle. It might feel like you are completely alone, but whenView full post »

Somebody’s Gotta Do It by Mark Keathley

When your responsibilities are also a part of your livelihood, it doesn’t matter what the weather is like, you justView full post »

Winter Camp by Mark Keathley

Come in from the cold, sit by the fire, speak of the victories and deliverance that came your way by the hand of God.View full post »

Mystic Falls III by Mark Keathley

One of my favorite things about a snowy day is when the wind has died down and the sun begins to shine in the silence.View full post »

A Time for War by Mark Keathley

Sometimes the invasion simply comes. You didn’t do anything to deserve it. You were minding your own business, tryingView full post »

Homecoming by Mark Keathley

Few of us have experienced the reality of rail travel as a way of life. It was a thing of the distant past – I’dView full post »

Majestic Solitude by Mark Keathley

I stretch a larger than life canvas and close my eyes and picture what I felt and saw when I was there. Peeking at aView full post »

Great Smoky Mountain Railroad by Mark Keathley

Train tracks go where no one else can go – as they travel down corridors and passages created just for them,View full post »

Community of Warmth by Mark Keathley

Often we experience bitterness and cold, but these frigid winds don’t have to be depressing. They can motivate us toView full post »

Mountain Cascade by Mark Keathley

Sometimes our efforts are disappointing, but the journey along the way is valuable. This painting, “Mountain Cascades”View full post »

Mystic Falls IV by Mark Keathley

The earth and water are warming up from their harsh winter’s nap, while the dogwood trees blossom with their majesticView full post »

Dreams of Africa by Mark Keathley

Enjoy the moment when the sun pops through the clouds, the river sparkles, a bull elephant calls out, and the waterView full post »

Great Smoky Mountains by Mark Keathley

don’t know what happens when we leave the mountains and head back to our homes on the “flatlands.” The memory of theView full post »

Sound the Alarm by Mark Keathley

When tyranny raises its ugly head, it will take away the freedom of speech, your ability to research facts, controlView full post »

Village Evening by Mark Keathley

Every time I visit Gatlinburg, my all-time favorite spot to meander around it is a quaint little spot called “TheView full post »

We Can Take This by Mark Keathley

Artist Notes: Warriors on a hill – looking at what is before them – an enemy approaches. BeingView full post »

Christmas Morning by Mark Keathley

18x27  SN   95     $895  Framed    or    $695  Unframed 18x27  AP   15    $1395  Framed    or    $1195 View full post »

Moment of Silence by Mark Keathley

20x24  SN   95     $895  Framed    or    $695  Unframed 20x24  AP   15    $1395  Framed    or    $1195 View full post »

Sunset on the Marsh by Mark Keathley

12x24  SN   95     $695  Framed    or    $545  Unframed 12x24  AP   15    $1195  Framed    or    $1045 View full post »

Mystic Falls II by Mark Keathley

18x24  SN   95     $895  Framed    or    $695  Unframed 18x24  AP   15    $1395  Framed    or    $1195 View full post »

Smoky Morning by Mark Keathley

18x27  SN   95     $895  Framed    or    $695  Unframed 18x27  AP   15    $1395  Framed    or    $1195 View full post »

Let Your Light Shine by Mark Keathley

12x16  SN   95     $550 Framed or  $400 Unframed 12x16 AP 15 $895 Framed or $745 Unframed 20x24  SN View full post »

Evening Overlook by Mark Keathley

From the Artist: One of my favorite experiences are the week-long stays that Bonnie and I get to live in between theView full post »

Limited Time Release: Mark Keathley’s Sweet Moment

PRINTABLE PDF – Sweet Moment [powr-countdown-timer id=69c4b503_1526052920] SOLD OUT! Sweet Moment by MarkView full post »

Solitude by Mark Keathley

From the Artist: There is anticipation each time I head towards the ocean.  Especially when I see some glimpses of aView full post »

Morning View by Mark Keathley

From the Artist: There is anticipation each time I head towards the ocean.  Especially when I see some glimpses of aView full post »

Summer Lovin’ by Mark Keathley

From the Artist: We all head to the beach when the weather turns warm, but I have found the sun to be a bit too muchView full post »

Dreams of Green by Mark Keathley

From the Artist: My dad was one of those men who didn’t just play at something. If he was going to try a sportView full post »

Mystic Falls by Mark Keathley

From the artist: To get into the mystery of life, sometimes you have to wander around as if you are lost. DeepView full post »

Rise Above by Mark Keathley

I was honored to paint the featured work of art for this wonderful western art community and the patrons who enjoy theView full post »

Luna de Amor by Mark Keathley

16x20   SN   25  $695 Framed or $545 Unframed PRINTABLE PDF – Luna de Amor The moon provides a romanticView full post »

Low Country Life by Mark Keathley

20×24   SN   195   $895 Framed or $695 Unframed 20×24   AP   25     $1395 Framed or $1195View full post »

Savannah Serenade by Mark Keathley

18×27 SN 195 $895 Framed or $695 Unframed 18×27 AP 25 $1395 Framed or $1195View full post »

Peace on Earth by Mark Keathley

20x24   SN   195   $895 Framed or $695 Unframed 20x24   AP   25     $1395 Framed or $1195View full post »

Winter Magic by Mark Keathley

20x24   SN   95   $895 Framed or $695 Unframed 20x24   AP   15    $1395 Framed or $1195 Unframed 24x30  View full post »

Roaring Fork Retreat by Mark Keathley

18×24   SN   195   $895 Framed or $695 Unframed 18×24   AP   25     $1395 Framed or $1195View full post »

Moonshine by Mark Keathley

I love the mystery of the night sky and the “lesser” lights. Scripture teaches that these heavenly bodiesView full post »

Lion and the Lamb by Mark Keathley

As human beings, we have the capacity to dream, imagine, calculate, ponder, and speculate about the future. We differView full post »

His Mercies are New by Mark Keathley

Step out onto the wet sand. Breathe deep and slow of the cool coastal breezes. Close your eyes for a moment ofView full post »

Moonlit Encounters by Mark Keathley

When I was a boy, we lived in the country. On some moonlit nights, I’d go outside and listen to the sounds of frogsView full post »

City Lights by Mark Keathley

Inspiration doesn’t come sitting in a studio; one must get out and live! For some, this might be climbing a mountain orView full post »

Evening at the Coast by Mark Keathley

On this particular evening at the coast, I felt a sense of being small – like the world was much biggerView full post »

Spring’s Renewal by Mark Keathley

There is something about the springtime that wakes me up to new possibilities. My senses are quickened and come aliveView full post »

Winter Homeplace by Mark Keathley

When I ran across this little farm up in the hills of the Smoky Mountains, I imagined this man had just comeView full post »

Follow Me by Mark Keathley

When I was a child, I remember my father (a church planter and preacher) saying from the pulpit that God chose sheep asView full post »

Love the Smokies by Mark Keathley

I’ve spent a lot of time in the Smoky Mountains because they are so inspiring. So much beauty comes together in oneView full post »

Election Day by Mark Keathley

I wasn’t much interested in the art of learning when I was 15 and we studied American History. I remembered a fewView full post »

Christmas Crossing by Mark Keathley

Christmas is just about everyone’s favorite time of year. Most folks are busy preparing and enjoying the holidayView full post »

View from the Upper Garden by Mark Keathley

I just love places that look like they could be exactly the same as they were 100 years ago. In Texas and Colorado, itView full post »

Iron Horse by Mark Keathley

I was painting in the mountains north of Durango last fall along the Animas River, and all of a sudden, I heard theView full post »

New Day by Mark Keathley

Sometimes, the craziness of life can cause us to want to sleep in and put the world on hold so we don’t have toView full post »

Three Amigos by Mark Keathley

In my first wolf painting “Valley of Shadows,” I wanted to depict how we can lie down in the midst of danger and restView full post »

Band of Brothers by Mark Keathley

From the artist: Relationships are sometimes hard. People have stuff that gets in the way of the free flow of what wasView full post »

Happy Place by Mark Keathley

Exclusive Edition: Only 25 prints made. With my toes in the sand and my fingers tangled in the hand of the one I loveView full post »

The Heavens Declare by Mark Keathley

Exclusive Event Release — Only 25 When I was a young artist (16 or 17 years old), I always took my latestView full post »

Sanctuary by Mark Keathley

When I close my eyes to shut out the noise and business of the day, it’s hard to find a place to go in my mind where IView full post »

Radiant Sunrise by Mark Keathley

I’ve been trying to create a spot where everyone can go to be alone with their thoughts, their own history, and theirView full post »

Summer Chapel by Mark Keathley

When we look at the animal kingdom, there is no type of large group gathering other than what is beneficial for theView full post »

Romantic Moon by Mark Keathley

One of my favorite things to do is to walk with my wife on a beach. Something about the sound of the waves, the wind,View full post »

Morning Silence by Mark Keathley

The stillness in the mountains is different from where I live along the coast of Texas. I’ve gone days without feelingView full post »

Highland Harmony by Mark Keathley

I go to the mountains regularly. Soaking in the amazing views and beautiful fresh air, I come alive in all my sensesView full post »

Harbor Moon by Mark Keathley

The Harbor Moon rises over the beacon light drawing folks from distant lands and ports where they can tell theirView full post »

The View by Mark Keathley

We love to get up high where we can see the world. When we see far off into the distance, we wonder and dream,View full post »

I’ll Be Home by Mark Keathley

This time of year (Christmas and the holiday season) is different for us than it used to be.  In the past, whenView full post »

Light from the Past by Mark Keathley

• SOLD OUT • Bud Ogle was one of the early settlers and founder of what is now Gatlinburg, TN in the SmokyView full post »

Tranquil Falls by Mark Keathley

A picture perfect setting is a rare thing in nature. Life has a way of making a mess of things, and when we walkView full post »

Light of the World by Mark Keathley

By way of virgin birth, God side-stepped the curse of sin and entered the world as man was originally created to be –View full post »

Morning in Cades Cove by Mark Keathley

On this particular morning in Cades Cove, I was behind a line of cars crawling down the one lane blacktop. BrakeView full post »

Serenity by Mark Keathley

Few places offer us the chance to feel alive and connected to the earth like the seashore. The hurried pace of lifeView full post »

Lakeside Dreams by Mark Keathley

Up in the mountains of northern Georgia is one of the most beautiful lakes you will ever see. Bonnie and I had theView full post »

Precarious Crossing by Mark Keathley

The adventures of life bring everyone to a point in their existence where tough choices have to be made. One can stayView full post »

Spring Chapel by Mark Keathley

Chapels of Nature III Spring is so joyful to me! Just this morning I was meandering in my yard, breathing deep theView full post »

Mountain Melody by Mark Keathley

One of my passions is exploring the high country in Colorado where we recently purchased a home just north ofView full post »

Carriage Chapel by Mark Keathley

The evening sun is casting its last rays of warmth on this cozy stone chapel. The horse is awaiting the return of itsView full post »

Carriage Park by Mark Keathley

In the middle of chaos and pressure, a person can find peace and calm by entering into their happy place.  Often inView full post »

Boundaries by Mark Keathley

Across the landscape of time, tribes have roamed and settled in areas so they could live by the customs which hadView full post »

Winter Lace by Mark Keathley

When I was a kid, I always saw deer heads hanging on walls – way up high. I guess they took on a larger than lifeView full post »

Evening on the Strand by Mark Keathley

In 1999, we went with some friends to Galveston’s “Dickens on the Strand,” a 19th century celebration each NovemberView full post »

Together by Mark Keathley

This painting is significant to me since my youngest son, Colter, just went off to college. He has been a constantView full post »

Autumn Chapel by Mark Keathley

Chapels of Nature II When I go for a walk in the forest alone, I’m often caught up by the sound of the wind blowingView full post »

Clearing Storm by Mark Keathley

“Clearing Storm” depicts the relief one experiences when the harsh winds and stormy skies have begun to let up and theView full post »

Sunset Harbor by Mark Keathley

Retelling the tales of high seas, screaming reels, and the “biggest fish you’ve ever seen,”is part of the festivitiesView full post »

Rise and Shine by Mark Keathley

When my youngest was just two years old, he would toddle down the stairs in the dark and sneak into our room, hang outView full post »

Rooster 2 by Mark Keathley

Chickens have always been around. They make their homes in cities, parks, back alleys, small towns, and especially inView full post »

Texas Highway by Mark Keathley

Western Adventure Series The expanding frontier across Texas moved slowly west as new forts were built to protectView full post »

Morning Roundup by Mark Keathley

Sometimes the light is just right and a fleeting but glorious event happens which can easily be missed as we carry onView full post »

Winter Chapel by Mark Keathley

Chapels of Nature I I’m often stunned by the artistry and craftsmanship that went into building churches and chapelsView full post »

Smoky Mountain Christmas by Mark Keathley

Here in the South, we never get tired of the snow. I can count on two hands how many times we have had enough snow toView full post »

Sowin’ Love by Mark Keathley

I grew up on the family farm in East Texas, but it wasn’t like I depicted it in “Sowin’ Love.” My days were filledView full post »

A Time to Rest by Mark Keathley

Seasons of Life IV There are seasons of life when things seem bleak and cold.  We lose a job we’ve had for years, orView full post »

Moonlit Passage by Mark Keathley

At one time rivers and waterways connected the peoples with trade and community. With the advent of horses, buggies,View full post »

Bear Valley by Mark Keathley

Beckoned by the thunder of the falls in the distance, you wind down the path and arrive at an overlook to find you areView full post »

Treasured Moments by Mark Keathley

Wandering down the trails of time in my mind, I find a constant in my life – I want a companion. Satisfied with theView full post »

Lighthouse Cove by Mark Keathley

Lighthouse Cove is an actual place near my hometown where I have spent countless hours fishing the flats of the TexasView full post »

Road to Yesteryear by Mark Keathley

When I roam the roads of Cade’s Cove, I have this longing to go back in time to those simpler days.   Several times IView full post »

Bedtime Kisses by Mark Keathley

For many years now I have been the lone person (that I know of) who has not seen a bear in the mountains aroundView full post »

Evening at Grandma’s by Mark Keathley

Grandma’s house was one of my favorite places to be. When I ponder on the why of that, I find peace and acceptance inView full post »

Native Sun by Mark Keathley

• SOLD OUT • Western Adventure Series Mankind is an awesome species  – nobility is found in every corner of the globe.View full post »

Good Ole Days by Mark Keathley

When you stroll down memory lane, it isn’t hard to get in touch with emotions that stir up a lump in the throat forView full post »

Night Mares by Mark Keathley

Western Adventure Series In my quest for dynamic and stimulating subject matter, I find myself in precariousView full post »

Welcome Winter by Mark Keathley

Welcome Series I love to paint snow! In no other format does an artist get to paint such vivid contrasts between lightView full post »

Christmas at the Courthouse by Mark Keathley

One of our favorite traditions when the kids were little, was to make a thermos of hot cocoa and a run to the cornerView full post »

The Rooster by Mark Keathley

Bonnie’s mother’s maiden name is Hahn which means “rooster” in some European language, and so I created this grandView full post »

Welcome Fall by Mark Keathley

Welcome Series III • SOLD OUT • In my Welcome Series of paintings, the fall scene is one I experienced last autumnView full post »

Fly By by Mark Keathley

I love nature. It is full of surprises. I can recall many times hunting when what I was after showed up at the leastView full post »

Midnight Clear by Mark Keathley

When a winter storm comes through and covers the world in its blanket of white, I’m amazed at the magic of it all. AllView full post »

Summer Delights by Mark Keathley

Seasons of Life III The change of the seasons is an exciting time. I usually imagine the earth in its new place inView full post »

Moonlit Cove by Mark Keathley

There are two strong vertical elements in my new painting, “Moonlit Cove.” The moon and its glowing reflection seem toView full post »

Welcome Summer by Mark Keathley

Welcome Summer The gate is left open just for you so come on in and sit a spell, kick your shoes off, eat supper, andView full post »

Lake Solitude by Mark Keathley

Modern life presents little time to reflect on the deeper things of the heart.  With our busy schedules and flashyView full post »

Evening Light by Mark Keathley

High places are inspiring for humankind. The distant views and panoramas cause our souls to soar as if we were flyingView full post »

Welcome Spring by Mark Keathley

Welcome Series From the Artist: The seasons of life ebb and flow in a way that teaches us to be patient and wait.View full post »

Companions by Mark Keathley

Western Adventure Series As an artist working at home, my wife and I have a unique relationship. We are together 24/7View full post »

Valley of Shadows by Mark Keathley

Western Adventure Series It is interesting how paintings take on a life of their own. Originally, I simply wanted toView full post »

Awakening by Mark Keathley

These two little fellas are experiencing for the first time a world waking up from the sleep of winter.   New smells,View full post »

Closed for the Holidays by Mark Keathley

This fall, as I was traveling the Blue Ridge Parkway, I encountered this picturesque  old  mill.  It was built  inView full post »

Legends of the West by Mark Keathley

Western Adventure Series Legends tend to grow in their telling and I imagine they have changed over time.  One thingView full post »

Lazy Boy by Mark Keathley

This is the magnificent Smoky Mountain black bear – powerful – yet peaceful. Perched on his reclining branch, he is aView full post »

Praying for America by Mark Keathley

George Washington was a unique figure in the history of the world. In fact, the King of England said that GeorgeView full post »

Refuge by Mark Keathley

Trials or tragedies are inevitable as long as we are alive on earth. How we face them and go through them is whatView full post »

Warm and Cozy by Mark Keathley

There is something magical about the first snow of the year. Somehow, the downy blanket transforms the mundane andView full post »

Evening Glories by Mark Keathley

Whether you are the first one out in the morning or the last one to feel the day’s warmth in the sand, there isView full post »

Twilight Moon by Mark Keathley

There are moments in life when I know the decision before I could change everything. I call those windows ofView full post »

Morning Glories by Mark Keathley

Whether you are the first one out in the morning or the last one to feel the day’s warmth in the sand, there isView full post »

Spring’s Renewal by Mark Keathley

Seasons of Life II In the second of the Seasons of Life series, “Spring’s Renewal,”  I want to portray spring as aView full post »

Highland Song by Mark Keathley

The rhythm of nature sings the loudest in the high country.  Walk slowly up the path, feel the cool breeze on yourView full post »

Bedtime Stories by Mark Keathley

Over the centuries, storytelling has been a vital source for connection of community throughout the world. Often theView full post »

Night Jitters by Mark Keathley

Western Adventure Series In the wee hours of the morning, we are often awakened with thoughts of terror or worry.View full post »

Slippery When Wet by Mark Keathley

Western Adventure Series I love the way men were made to charge in and solve a problem. Without too much concern withView full post »

Spring Will Come by Mark Keathley

Western Adventure Series Sometimes in life, the cold presses in on the soul to an extent that you think you will notView full post »

Dance of Grace by Mark Keathley

The “Dance of Grace” is not intended to be an illustration of a moment in the life of Jesus 2000 years ago but ratherView full post »

Heavenly Light by Mark Keathley

I wasn’t sure what I’d name this painting until  I painted a family into the picture.  I wanted to depict a heavenlyView full post »

Seasons of Life by Mark Keathley

Seasons of Life I Life is full of changes. Out of the dullness of winter springs new life where the senses areView full post »

Moonlight Sonata by Mark Keathley

Moonlight Sonata by Mark Keathley The moon, as the lesser light, creates a mood that allows timid creatures toView full post »

Rocky Mountain Majesty by Mark Keathley

What a summer I have had traveling to some great places and gathering more beautiful photos to paint from. ThisView full post »

A Perfect Day by Mark Keathley

Sometimes, a walk on the beach is just what we need to bring us back to who we are. Observing the size and power ofView full post »

Quiet Encounter by Mark Keathley

• SOLD OUT • From the Artist: In “Quiet Encounter,” I tried to capture the best elements of nature in the mostView full post »

His Light Shines by Mark Keathley

There is just something wonderful about the way the warm light shines out of cold and dark places. The contrast of theView full post »

He Leadeth Me by Mark Keathley

He Leadeth Me is a self-portrait, but it is also a depiction of Psalm 23. I wasn’t intending to portray the GoodView full post »

Evening Romance by Mark Keathley

We are always in too big of a hurry for romance; I’m constantly toting my camera trying to capture the moment butView full post »

Newfound Memories by Mark Keathley

Newfound Memories III Newfound Memories II • SOLD OUT • Newfound Memories —  a painting commemorating the 75thView full post »

Nature’s Harmony by Mark Keathley

• SOLD OUT • Artist Notes: I fell in love with the moss-covered rocks and fallen logs that surround the streams in theView full post »

Winter Retreat by Mark Keathley

It is ironic that elk and other animals move down to the lowest valley they can find while we try to climb up to theView full post »

Peaceful Times by Mark Keathley

Most of us can think back to a period of peace in our lives when we felt safe and free. It might have even been in theView full post »

Art of Being Young by Mark Keathley

When I look back on my life, there were definite moments where the youngster artist began to appear. One particularView full post »

The Old Mill by Mark Keathley

Every painting has its challenges–mostly just trying to simplify and focus on what it is you want the viewer toView full post »

Home for Christmas by Mark Keathley

This painting is a dream for me. I have never experienced a white Christmas. As I paint this scene, it is 97 degreesView full post »

Pure Delight by Mark Keathley

One of my favorite pastimes is to ask old people about their lives. I am amazed at some of their stories. The thingsView full post »

Moments to Remember by Mark Keathley

There are times in our lives when we can’t help but stop and take notice of the beauty around us that God hasView full post »

Tower of Strength by Mark Keathley

The ocean’s mystery is worth pondering. So many lessons in life can be learned as we listen to the waves constantlyView full post »

Faithful Friend by Mark Keathley

From his desire to depict the “Faithful Friend” he knows, Mark Keathley painted this portrait of Jesus with a kindView full post »

The Legacy by Mark Keathley

The world around us is a grand mix of beautiful moments and harsh realities. Leaves may turn autumn gold, but theyView full post »

Rocky Mountain Grandeur by Mark Keathley

In this life, we are given places where we can be awed by the Creator. Mark Keathley has captured one of thoseView full post »

Country Blessings by Mark Keathley

Let your bare feet feel the earth as you are drawn into a world of simple living. No more rushing to fit it all in.View full post »

Autumn Serenity by Mark Keathley

There are moments in your life that stir the streams of your soul in deep ways. You never forget them. They get etchedView full post »

Mountain Music by Mark Keathley

Have you ever just listened to the rain when you were relaxing and noticed how soothed you felt? Or, have you everView full post »