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Autumn Gathering by Abraham Hunter

12×16 S/N (195) $550 Framed or $400 Unframed 12×16 A/P (15) $895 Framed or $745 Unframed 18×24 S/NView full post »

Defending Freedom by Abraham Hunter

Most everyone knows the iconic photo of 5 Marines raising the flag on Mt Suribachi during the battle of Iwo Jima.View full post »

Grandpa’s Farm by Abraham Hunter

18×27   S/N   195     $895 Framed or $695 Unframed 18×27   A/P    25    $1395 Framed or $1195 Unframed 24×36   S/NView full post »

Loving Mother by Abraham Hunter

Since I became a father I’ve found more interest in paintings about parenthood in the animal kingdom. When you seeView full post »

Golden Adventure by Abraham Hunter

In October and November, the smoky mountains turn shades of yellow, red, green, and gold! Sometimes while on aView full post »

Chasing Butterflies by Abraham Hunter

Painting big is so important if you want to develop greater skill in art. It forces you to get on your feet andView full post »

Myrtle Beach Sunrise from Abraham Hunter

Nothing is quite as refreshing as walking onto a beach framed with sand dunes and beach grasses and having the freshView full post »

Charleston Harbor by Abraham Hunter

Charleston, South Carolina is one of my favorite places to visit in the South! I love how each building, street, andView full post »

Tweetheart Cottage by Abraham Hunter

My go-to subject lately has been chickadees! It’s always so much fun to put out seed and watch them flutter around. SoView full post »

Cozy by Abraham Hunter

The holidays are all about time together as a family. The weather gets colder and the days get shorter, signaling toView full post »

Winter Moonrise by Abraham Hunter

When I was a kid, my grandma taped a discovery channel documentary on wolves and we had it on VHS to watch when we wereView full post »

Daydreaming by Abraham Hunter

When I was a kid I spent countless hours daydreaming, usually about what to draw next or about fishing. I hope youView full post »

The Protector by Abraham Hunter

I’ve been asked by a lot of friends and clients “so what’s your favorite thing to paint?”. It’s a hard question becauseView full post »

Walking with Jesus by Abraham Hunter

Years ago, I began a journey of discovering my desire to paint stories from the Bible when I painted my first piece ofView full post »

Double Trouble by Abraham Hunter

These two little cubs have chased each other up a tree and are peeking back at you to see if they’re in trouble!View full post »

Hope for Tomorrow by Abraham Hunter

Recently my girlfriend and I drove up the once charred hillsides, and I noticed lots of new wildflower growth,View full post »

Before the Flood by Abraham Hunter

In this prequel, I decided to have all the animals leaving their homes and obeying God’s command to go two by two intoView full post »

Temptation by Abraham Hunter

I’ve been told that great art flows from great pain. I entered my studio one gloomy day and had been really getting inView full post »

Sweet Hour of Prayer by Abraham Hunter

This painting reminds me that even when storms might arise and cloud the sun, there’s always a place to go where theView full post »

Dogwood Hideout by Abraham Hunter

This cute little guy is sitting in his favorite tree, enjoying the beauty of spring, and looking curiously…View full post »

Heron Inlet by Abraham Hunter

Years ago, my family lived in South Carolina for a while. Even though I have spent most of my life in the Midwest andView full post »

Beach Life by Abraham Hunter

When I go to Myrtle Beach and Murrells Inlet each year, I try to soak up all I can and put it to canvas.View full post »

Mountain Village by Abraham Hunter

I placed a flower gardens to smell, docked boats to row, ducks to feed, a village to enter, a sunset to soak up, and aView full post »

Firefly Farm by Abraham Hunter

A mist has begun to settle on the valley, and the fireflies are busy lighting up all over. One of my favorite partsView full post »

In the Eye of the Storm by Abraham Hunter

Fear had ruled the waves of the sea and the minds of the disciples, but when Jesus stood up and stretched out His arms,View full post »

The Masked Fisherman by Abraham Hunter

This little bandit is fishing as hard as he can for lunch, but the little fish just keep getting away.View full post »

God’s Country by Abraham Hunter

We went out west and drove through some of the most beautiful country God created! In one particular part of Colorado,View full post »

Spring is in the Air by Abraham Hunter

This little cub climbed his favorite tree to see the cherry blossoms and smell the fresh spring air!View full post »

Mother’s Love 2 – Mom’s Lookout by Abraham Hunter

The rich tapestry of wildflowers might obscure moms vision, but her baby is her periscope! He can see for miles!View full post »

Spring in Cades Cove by Abraham Hunter

Nothing is as adorable as bear cubs checking out their spring home. These two have shimmied down a tree to investigateView full post »

Risen by Abraham Hunter

When I look into this painting, I feel like Jesus is calling me out of the darkness of death in the tomb, and into HisView full post »

Lost but Found by Abraham Hunter

Like delicate lambs exploring the grassy fields of the Earth, humans face many uncertainties, challenges, andView full post »

Strength by Abraham Hunter

From the Artist: When America was a young country, George Washington commissioned our first Navy ship to beView full post »

Winter Nap by Abraham Hunter

18x24  SN  25     $895  Framed    or    $695  Unframed PRINTABLE PDF – Winter Nap From the Artist: I’m oneView full post »

O’ Christmas Tree by Abraham Hunter

• SOLD OUT •   PRINTABLE PDF – O’ Christmas Tree From the Artist: I got in the “early ChristmasView full post »

Second Chance by Abraham Hunter

18x27  SN  195     $895  Framed    or    $695  Unframed 18x27  AP  25    $1395  Framed    or   $1195 View full post »

Silent Night by Abraham Hunter

18x24  SN  195     $895  Framed    or    $695  Unframed 18x24  AP  25    $1395  Framed    or   $1195 View full post »

Thanksgiving Day by Abraham Hunter

18x24  SN   95     $895  Framed    or    $695  Unframed 18x24  AP   15    $1395  Framed    or    $1195 View full post »

Old Time Religion by Abraham Hunter

12x18  SN   95    $550 Framed or  $400 Unframed 12x18  AP   15    $895 Framed or  $745 Unframed 18x27  SNView full post »

Endurance by Abraham Hunter

12x24   SN    95     $695 Framed or  $545 Unframed 12x24   AP    15    $1195 Framed or  $1045 Unframed 18x36  SNView full post »

Saved By Grace by Abraham Hunter

• SOLD OUT • From the Artist: This painting is my third time depicting one of my favorite moments from the BibleView full post »

The Grand Strand by Abraham Hunter

From the Artist: Myrtle Beach has been my happy place to unwind after a busy show schedule. Every time I walk on theView full post »

Limited Time Release: Spring Dreams by Abraham Hunter

[powr-countdown-timer id=6a573153_1524606945] Spring Dreams by Abraham Hunter ALL 25 Gicleés are SOLD The editionView full post »

Chapel of Hope by Abraham Hunter

From the Artist: When I was painting this piece, it seemed to flow together like someone was guiding my hand. When aView full post »

Like Father Like Son by Abraham Hunter

From the Artist: A father lion holds his little cub close as they survey their domain from high on a grassy hill. TheView full post »

Against the Wind by Abraham Hunter

From the artist: To so many of us, horses symbolize freedom, majesty, power, grace, courage, fearlessness, obedience,View full post »

Good Ol’ Days by Abraham Hunter

From the artist: In this painting, we are transported back to the early 1940’s to a backwater retreat where theView full post »

Heart of a Champion by Abraham Hunter

I painted this painting for some friends in South Carolina. It was a perfect fit for me because my favorite animal hasView full post »

Autumn Glow by Abraham Hunter

PRINTABLE PDF – Autumn Glow My mom manages a marina on the Lake of Egypt in Illinois, and I explored the lakeView full post »

Peek-A-Boo by Abraham Hunter

12x16   AP   25   $895 Framed or $745 Unframed 18x24   SN   95   $895 Framed or $695 Unframed 18x24   APView full post »

Recess by Abraham Hunter

EXCLUSIVE EDITION 18x24   SN   25   $895 Framed or $695 Unframed PRINTABLE PDF – Recess From theView full post »

Hiding Place by Abraham Hunter

18x27   SN   95   $895 Framed or $695 Unframed 18x27   AP   15    $1395 Framed or $1195 Unframed •SOLDView full post »

Following the Light by Abraham Hunter

18x24   SN   195   $895 Framed or $695 Unframed 18x24   AP    25    $1395 Framed or $1195View full post »

Light of Peace by Abraham Hunter

18x27   SN   195   $895 Framed or $695 Unframed 18x27   AP   25    $1395 Framed or 1195 Unframed 24x36View full post »

Gatlinburg Memories by Abraham Hunter

My publisher recently had it put on his heart to buy and run a non-profit Christian radio station in Gatlinburg,View full post »

Heading Home by Abraham Hunter

“Only the dead have seen the end of war” —Plato The Fallen Soldier Battle Cross or Battlefield Cross is a symbolicView full post »

Old Rugged Cross by Abraham Hunter

“On a hill far away, stood an old rugged Cross The emblem of suffering and shame And I love that old Cross whereView full post »

Beauty in Motion by Abraham Hunter

From the Artist: I spent days and weeks gradually adding details and slight variations of colors and honing my skillsView full post »

Fishing Trip by Abraham Hunter

From the Artist: Recently, I had the awesome chance to make friends with another artist and show him around EastView full post »

Evening Melodies by Abraham Hunter

I was inspired to paint this one night when I was playing my new guitar and looking at the stars outside. You can evenView full post »

Leap of Faith by Abraham Hunter

• SOLD OUT • The disciples are struggling to save their tattered, sinking ship just like we struggle to save our ownView full post »

Grandma’s Garden by Abraham Hunter

One day while I walked through a deep forest, I came across the foundation of a house–alone surviving chimneyView full post »

Scooter by Abraham Hunter

Chipmunks have always fascinated me. Imagine if humans could tuck away their food supply in their cheeks likeView full post »

We’re Alright by Abraham Hunter

• SOLD OUT • • SOLD OUT • From the Artist: Last fall, wildfires roared down the slopes of the Smoky Mountains andView full post »

Field Trip by Abraham Hunter

Can you tell I want spring to hurry up and come? I’ve been using a lot of the same color palette lately,View full post »

Humility by Abraham Hunter

This painting is quite a bit unique in my body of work. I saw an old black and white image of a zoo lion looking up atView full post »

Curious Kit by Abraham Hunter

I have gravitated toward tiny adorable fuzzballs ever since I was a young child, and I am sure it shows in myView full post »

From the Ashes by Abraham Hunter

• SOLD OUT • Devastating forest fires destroyed so much here near my home in the Smoky Mountains last night. I couldView full post »

Waiting by Abraham Hunter

• SOLD OUT • Exclusive Edition Event Piece available for all dealers on December 10th. It can be difficult toView full post »

Sedona Majesty by Abraham Hunter

Exclusive Edition Event Piece available for all dealers on December 4th. The last time I was hiking in the red rocksView full post »

Perfect Peace by Abraham Hunter

In the Bible, the books of Isaiah and Revelations foretell of a day when all of mankind’s fighting will be over and aView full post »

Love is in the Air by Abraham Hunter

Exclusive Edition Event Piece available for all dealers on November 12th. When I lived in the farm country ofView full post »

Wish I Could Fly by Abraham Hunter

• SOLD OUT • From the Artist: Although I am constantly searching for inspiration, sometimes painting ideas pop into myView full post »

Season to Be Thankful

Exclusive Edition: Only 25 prints made. As the weather cools and we begin to anticipate the coming holidays,View full post »

Tennessee Home by Abraham Hunter

This is a real barn in the Franklin, Tennessee area, and the Tennessee walking horses and distant mountains seem toView full post »

Freedom by Abraham Hunter

As I painted this piece, I was inspired by the scripture in Isaiah that “those who wait upon the Lord shallView full post »

Winter Wonderland by Abraham Hunter

This winter inspired painting is based on a little study I painted last year. I paint a lot of little paintings as newView full post »

Rockets Red Glare by Abraham Hunter

*  SOLD OUT  * Artist Notes: During the war of 1812, Francis Scott Key witnessed the bombardment of Fort McHenry, a USView full post »

Deer Crossing by Abraham Hunter

Years ago, I visited Cades Cove in Tennessee for the first time. I arrived before sunrise and was shocked at all ofView full post »

Light of Hope by Abraham Hunter

I don’t think I’ve ever poured more of myself into a challenging painting quite like I did with this one!View full post »