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Painting big is so important if you want to develop greater skill in art. It forces you to get on your feet and move quicker and paint your heart out. Sometimes a bigger piece doesn’t look way better than a smaller painting; but when I finished this 30×40 and I stood close to it, I felt as thought I was actually experiencing the cool evening sunlight, and could hear the rustling of grasses under the bear’s feet. I’m so proud of this big painting! This momma and her babies are taking some quality family time chasing the butterflies that are flitting around the hundreds of wildflowers in this mountain meadow. The smoky mountains fade into the mist that is bathed in a rainbow of sunset colors from bright orange to deep purple. Some of my favorite moments in life have been spent soaking in a sunset just like this. When our eyes see light , it makes our souls jump for joy.

I hope you enjoy this piece and I thank you for looking at the detail close up shots I got of some of my favorite parts of this huge landscape painting!

18×24    S/N   (195):   $895 Framed   or  $695 Canvas
18×24    A/P    (25):  $1395 Framed   or  $1195 Canvas
25.5×34 S/N   (50):  $1395 Framed   or  $1075 Canvas
25.5×34 A/P     (5): $1995 Framed   or $1675 Canvas
30×40    A/P   (15):  $2795 Framed   or $2345 Canvas