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From the Artist:

Trains are a great way to get to see the countryside! Train tracks go where no one else can go – as they travel down corridors and passages created just for them, where no car can go and few people have ever seen. I love the experience of train travel having ridden on the famous Durango – Silverton narrow gauge railroad. Here in this fanciful depiction of this narrow-gauge train, we are topping over the grand overlook where no train has gone before – except in our imaginations.  Imagine as the train tops the overlook  seeing the beauty of the Great Smoky Mountains for miles and miles.

~ Mark Keathley

PRINTABLE PDF – Great Smoky Mountain Railroad

18x27  SN   95     $895  Framed    or     $695  Unframed
18x27  AP   15    $1395  Framed    or    $1195  Unframed
24x36  SN   95    $1395  Framed    or    $1075  Unframed
24x36  AP   15    $1995  Framed    or    $1675  Unframed