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Artist Notes:

When I was nineteen, I went to Africa for a year to help build a church for some former Hindu folks with my Aunt and Uncle (the Griffiths) who were missionaries in Pietermaritzburg South Africa. It was an adventure that literally changed my life and sent me down a different road. I had been heading towards an engineering degree, and instead, I became an artist. My new family was encouraging and fun, and they helped me become who I am today. We worked on the church building on Saturday, with the church (people) Sunday, and the rest of the time I got to paint! Iā€™d never had that much time before. Thank you, Geoff and Connie (Anne and Katie, too, for your support and love.) I remember on my 20th birthday, we went hiking and camping in the Drakensberg Mountains, where we explored some caves and beautiful countryside complete with baboons and other wildlife. That was all 35 years ago! So, when a collector recently approached me about recreating their own African Experiences, I jumped at the chance to bring it in to view for myself and everyone. Seeing these magnificent creatures in their natural surroundings stirs the soul in ways that few experiences can. Enjoy the moment when the sun pops through the clouds, the river sparkles, a bull elephant calls out, and the water buffalo look up at what is going on in – Dreams of Africa.

~ Mark Keathley

PRINTABLE PDF – Dreams of Africa

18x24     SN    95     $895 Framed   or     $695 Unframed
18x24     AP    15    $1395 Framed   or    $1195 Unframed
25.5x34   SN    25    $1395 Framed   or    $1075 Unframed
25.5x34   AP     5    $1995 Framed   or    $1675 Unframed
30x40     SN    10    $1795 Framed   or    $1345 Unframed
48x60     SN     5    $4495 Framed   or    $3500 Unframed