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From the Artist:

Myrtle Beach has been my happy place to unwind after a busy show schedule. Every time I walk on the beach it seems to make my brain forget all the hustle bustle I’ve left at home. One night I was walking on the downtown section of the beach and the lights of the Sky Wheel and all of the hotels made dazzling reflections in the high tide waves rolling in. The moon soon joined in casting its reflections, and I took out my phone and took as many photos as I could to capture the moment for a later painting. When I finished this piece a friend told me that Myrtle Beach is often referred to as The Grand Strand! Thanks to her inspiration the title was born.

When I look at this piece it makes me feel as though I’m there and I can walk up the steps and stroll on the boardwalk, or relax in one of the beach chairs, or walk out on the pier. That’s what I strive for in my art, I want you to be welcomed in and feel as though you’re there exploring all of the fun the place has to offer! I hope you like this painting and it too becomes your happy place to unwind.

~Abraham Hunter

12 x 24   S/N   195     $695 Framed   or    $545 Unframed
12 x 24   A/P    25    $1195 Framed   or   $1045 Unframed
18 x 36   S/N    95    $1195 Framed   or    $965 Unframed
18 x 36   A/P    15    $1895 Framed   or   $1665 Unframed
24 × 48   A/P    25    $2795 Framed   or   $2345 Unframed

PRINTABLE PDF – The Grand Strand