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From the Artist:

The night seems mysterious, yet so alluring. A whole new world stirs and bustles. Nocturnal creatures emerge, some of which to hunt. The owl sees in the dark, beyond the veil of deception and illusion, discovering what’s kept hidden. Under the glow of the night sky, this owl is poised, prepared to dive to sate its appetite.

~Jess Wathen

12 x 16    S/N    95  $450 Framed    or    $400 Unframed •SUSPENDED•
12 x 16    A/P    15  $895 Framed    or    $745 Unframed •SUSPENDED•
12 x 16    C/E    25  $885 Framed    or    $745 Unframed •SUSPENDED•

PRINTABLE PDF – Night Diving