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From the Artist:

One of my favorite experiences are the week-long stays that Bonnie and I get to live in between the two back to back weekend of events – scheduled each fall and spring in the Smoky’s. We stay in an adorable little cabin up on Bear’s Den Way a couple miles behind Dollywood. We set up the house, take long walks and enjoy the beauty of the mountains – it’s always refreshing – and an extreme workout!

The hills are crazy steep, so much so that I’m surprised when I see cars going up and down the roads, and it is an elevation challenge that becomes our workout routine for the week. At the pinnacle of our climb, we come to a lookout point above the neighborhood of log cabins where you can see for miles and this view is out motivation to keep going.

I try to time our walks to end up at the top at sunset so we can rest for a minute and take in the beautiful vista. I’ll hold her hand … she usually speaks aloud thanksgiving to God for all His blessing, the rich friendships we have made, and all the wonder before us. We breathe in deep the mountain air, look at each other with delight, thankful for being together, alive, and healthy yet another year. Oh, how I look forward to many more years of this”Evening Overlook” with my sweet wife and our good Father.

~Mark Keathley


12×48  S/N   95    $1195 Framed   or    $875 Unframed
12×48  A/P   15    $1695 Framed   or   $1375 Unframed

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