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I was honored to paint the featured work of art for this wonderful western art community and the patrons who enjoy the best western art event in America! I couldn’t have been more thrilled with the fall arts festival auction having set a new record sale for the festival and for me personally when two very interested bidders took the price over the top- $77,500 !!!! Thank you! Having so many family and friends here to share the moment added twice the joy! Thank you! I also got to meet so many amazing artists and art lovers – all the best to you all!

Artist Notes:

As we survey the political and social landscape which is changing fast around us, we often don’t really know what to do. Most of us have a gathering of friends that we talk to about such issues, those of like mind, but the conversation rarely leads us to peace. In my own life, as I have seen the abuse and victimization of others on TV (watching in horror as the fire of riots breaks out in senseless ways), I have only found one place where peace can be found. I close my eyes and picture myself high above sitting with my best friend, Jesus, where the conflict looks small and distant.

I asked him what I should do about that “down there,” and he said, “Do as I did. Let love reign.”     

“How do I do that?” I asked.   

“I will show you when the time comes. Just stick with me.” It wasn’t a voice I heard but an imaginary conversation that I believe is inspired by His Spirit within each of us. “I will give you what to say when the moment arrives. Let faith manifest in love. I am with you.”

You can see the concern on their faces. The landscape is changing before them so they retreat to a high place and sit quietly waiting for the moment when they will be called to “RISE ABOVE.”


24x20   SN   95     $895 Framed   or     $695 Unframed * SOLD OUT *
24x20   AP   15    $1395 Framed   or    $1195 Unframed * SOLD OUT *
30x24   SN   50    $1195 Framed   or     $965 Unframed * SOLD OUT *
30x24   AP   10    $1895 Framed   or    $1665 Unframed * SOLD OUT *
48x36   SN   25    $2795 Framed   or    $2345 Unframed * SOLD OUT *
60x48   SN   10    $4495 Framed   or    $3500 Unframed