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20x24   SN   95     $895 Framed   or    $695 Unframed
20x24   AP   15    $1395 Framed   or   $1195 Unframed
24x30   SN   95    $1195 Framed   or    $965 Unframed
24x30   AP   15    $1895 Framed   or   $1665 Unframed

PRINTABLE PDF – Winter Magic

Recently, while in the mountains, we had a late spring wet snow where it clung to everything.  It created a magical look as snow garlands seemed to be hung on the trees and a blanket of snow covered the newly sprouting grasses.   It was exciting for me to tromp around in with only 6” – usually it is feet of snow in Colorado which makes going out to photograph a real challenge. The conditions were exciting because around every bend and over the next ridge was another setting for some new painting idea. My inspiration went wild. “I’ll put a fox in there. Oh, and maybe an Elk coming out of that thicket. I can see some Indians riding through right here.”  I took 500 photos in a couple of hours before it all melted. It was fantastic! Walking home down the road after a few hours tromping in my snow boots, I happened on this nice bend in the road with a split rail fence. A barn magically appeared, a rabbit jumped across the road, and a horse raised it’s head when it picked up the sound.  Yes, it was “Winter Magic”  in the artist’s mind.    -Mark Keathley