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“Acorn Street, which is pictured in Old Glory, is a narrow lane within Beacon Hill that is paved with cobblestones. It is often mentioned as the most picturesque street in Boston. At twilight, the focal point of the whole street is the flag which literally glows in the dimming light. Elements in the painting are sometimes changed for both metaphoric and aesthetic reasons. The street light on the upper left is not lighted. This I did to keep the eye traveling to the interior of the lane. If it had been lit, it would have shown off all the brick walls around it taking the viewer to that area rather than down the lane to Old Glory.” – Rod Chase

24x36   SN   395     $750 Unframed   or   $1070 Framed
30x45   SN   150    $1500 Unframed   or   $2050 Framed
9x12    OE            $75
10x15   OE            $90