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As a photorealist painter, I am dependent on finding accurate reference materials for each painting. It is not always easy, but I’ve found the National Archives to be a treasure trove – especially for early photos of Washington. I especially enjoyed working out how to feature the gas lights. Although the Capitol dome was lighted by electricity in 1919, the lamps outside were gas, giving the whole scene a misty, moody glow.

30x20   SN   1500    $450 Unframed  or   $680 Framed
30x20   AP   15   $650 Unframed or   $880 Framed •SOLD OUT•
45x30   APP  1500   $3000 Unframed or  $3550 Framed •SOLD OUT•
45x30   HE   1500   $1850 Unframed or  $2400 Framed •SOLD OUT•
12x9   OE   $75