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Set in one of England’s many beautiful regions, Blackmore Vale contains some of the most scenic landscapes in the country.  This amazingly detailed image by Chase features Gold Hill, which is a famous hill and street in Shaftesbury in the county of Dorset.  This picturesque, quaint village of steep cobbled streets is one of England’s most photographed and painted scenes; the village has been featured on many book covers.  St. Peter’s Church, one of the few pre-18th-century structures still standing in Shaftesbury, is at the top of Gold Hill.  The ancient street is also adjacent to the walls of King Alfred’s Abbey, another famous landmark in the area.  The Gold Hill Fair, which is held annually, is a renowned event that raises money for local charities.

20x30  SN  350   $450 Unframed  or   $680 Framed
20x30  AP   35   $550 Unframed  or   $780 Framed
24x36  SN  350   $750 Unframed  or  $1070 Framed
24x36  AP   35   $850 Unframed  or  $1170 Framed
30x45  SN   35  $1500 Unframed  or  $2050 Framed