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Inspiration doesn’t come sitting in a studio; one must get out and live! For some, this might be climbing a mountain or going fishing, but for Bonnie and me, it is traveling. What comes from my easel and brushes is a reflection of my personal encounter with the world. If I only stayed at home and painted, I imagine my paintings would take on a similar look where trees and rocks all begin to look the same, and the color of the atmosphere and types of clouds which fill my skies would never vary. Experiencing the world, however, sheds new light,  introduces new subjects, and pushes new colors in my work. This painting stands out from all of the rest. Bonnie came to me with an idea for an art wall in our guest bedroom and had several thoughts for paintings that she wanted to see and hang all together. She provided me with a file of photos that had caught her attention – images that made her heart dance with delight. So… we combined some pictures from Paris, San Fransisco, and even Asheville NC along with a misty atmosphere and wet streets. We added the light emanating through a wet windshield which kind of blurs and stirs all the colors before you as if you are driving down this avenue. She and I bring to you a traveler’s delight and a dance of radiant sparkles — where lovers kiss and chance encounters stir the heart here in “City Lights.”

24x20   S/N   (100)   $895 Framed   or   $695 Unframed