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We are all aware of how painful, lonely, confusing, and restless life on Earth can be. Often when I’m alone with my thoughts, I find my heart seeking peace, rest, and renewal. I know I’m not alone in this feeling. When Jesus walked on Earth, he saw right through our masks we put on each day that says, “I’m fine.” In this painting, we see Jesus as the loving shepherd. He has called the lambs out of the dark brush and briars and into the Son’s light. As they draw closer, He reaches out to hold them. I hope when you view this painting, you can hear Jesus say to you “come unto me, you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”

The large tree to the right is one of the trees in the real Garden of Gethsemane, and the shadow of Jesus and the shadow cast by a limb from the tree combine to make a cross on the ground. This reminds us of the pain and agony that the Lamb Of God endured so that we don’t have to. Each time you see this painting, remember to always live your life like the little lamb that has jumped into the strong loving arms of Jesus. It is my sincere hope that this painting blesses you, and brings peace and rest to your heart.

~ Abraham Hunter

18x24 S/N  (195):   $895 Framed   or    $695 Canvas
18x24 A/P   (15):  $1395 Framed   or   $1195 Canvas


Above prices represent Publisher suggested issue release price. Each Gallery is independently owned and operated and prices may vary. Also, Limited edition art may sell for higher prices on the secondary market after they are sold out.

Note: A/P edition is embellished by the artist. Infinity Fine Art does not sell frames and frame prices are MSRP for comparison only.