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Sometimes the light is just right and a fleeting but glorious event happens which can easily be missed as we carry on with our busy day.  In “Morning Roundup,” I tried to capture the glory of one of those exciting sunlight moments that stir our emotions with wonder and then let that light bathe over one of the most exciting and beautiful events one could witness. While gazing at the sun, a distant thunder gradually increases, and a cloud of dust rises. The anticipation of what is coming heightens the senses, and then, like ghosts from the past, these wranglers come up to the edge of the river bank pushing their new horses to cross over to their new home. These three men are missing out on the drama of light that is behind them, but I have put it all together for you to enjoy and for the delight of your senses in “Morning Roundup.”

~ Mark Keathley

18x27   S/N    (95):    $895 Framed    or    $695 Canvas
18x27   A/P    (15):   $1395 Framed    or   $1195 Canvas
24x36   A/P    (15):   $1995 Framed    or   $1675 Canvas

Above prices represent Publisher suggested issue release price.  Each Gallery is independently owned and operated and prices may vary

Also, Limited edition art may sell for higher prices on the secondary market after they are sold out      

Note: A/P edition is embellished by the artist.  P/P edition is limited to one per dealer and one half the wholesale price is donated to the publisher’s charity.